We need a new way to understand current local and global challenges – from protecting the Greenbelt to facing climate change. What difference can your community make in the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion (GTB)? Tkaronto is the Indigenous origin of Toronto. The GTB is "bounded by the Niagara Escarpment on the west, the Oak Ridges Moraine to the north and east, and Lake Ontario to the south" (Regeneration report, former Toronto Mayor, MP The Honourable David Crombie, 1992).

7th Generation Tkaronto Bioregion

The Greater Tkaronto Bioregion initiative is creating a new story of how we live with each other on this living planet in this critical zone of the Great Lakes.  Coordinated by The Legacy Project , the 7GTB has been engaging people across Southern Ontario towns, including the recent Toronto presentation with Joe Brewer earlier this year.

As we cross multiple planetary boundaries, we find ourselves in an unprecedented predicament. There are no simple solutions. Understanding how what you do in your place connects into the bioregion and into the planet supports deeper learning and can give everything more meaningful long-term impact.

The ultimate goal is ecopsychosocial wellbeing – ecological integrity, personal wholeness, social coherence – in the context of lifetimes across generations.  7-Generation GTB interconnects across seven broad themes: Environment and climate change, economy, community (including equity), health, education and lifelong learning, life course and aging, Indigenous worldviews and knowledge.


In February 2023, Joe Brewer presented an open talk at OCAD University, sponsored  by Brian Puppa and the Legacy Project team to kickstart the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion (7GTB) initiative.  About 90 people attended the OCADU event. Local engagements were held with municipalities, other schools and groups.


About Joe Brewer

Joe Brewer is a transdisciplinary scholar with a background in earth sciences and cognitive science, an inspiring speaker and leading-edge
complexity thinker. He’s currently doing on-the-ground regeneration work in a 500,000 hectare bioregion around Barichara, Colombia,
and helping to create a global bioregional network.

Joe is founder of the Cultural Evolution Center and now the Design Institute for Regenerating Earth.  He is the author of the new book, The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth. The first cohort of the Design Institute started in March and is open for attendance and participation by any and all who are interested in learning and leading bioregional regeneration initiatives.


About the book from the Chelsea Green book site:

Humanity is confronted with threats unprecedented in the
history of our species. There is an urgent need to describe the “how”
for managing the convergent threats of ecological overshoot and
civilization collapse. This book offers a clear and cogent pathway for
safeguarding humanity’s future through an extended period of cascading

To a great extent, the rest of our lives will be defined by how those
who understand our global predicament organize and cooperate with one
other. We are in the midst of a planetary change process that extends
far beyond a human lifetime. Most of us experience a kind of
intergenerational amnesia—having never seen an intact ecosystem or a
healthy human economy at any point in our lives. How can we design our way through the struggles that now lie ahead?

We design by embracing the fundamental insight that all living
systems self-organize around the patterns of regeneration. Applied to
the scale of entire landscapes, this reveals how all truly sustainable
human cultures throughout history were organized at the territorial
scale as bioregional economies. A planet-wide network of learning
ecosystems is needed that can hold the complexity of birthing these
regenerative bioregions during and after the rest of the collapse that
we were all born into.

This book offers genuine hope. There truly is a pathway to regenerate
the Earth. It is not to be found in the shallow optimism of
techno-fixes or consumer choices. Nothing short of a spiritual revival
of indigenous lifeways will do. Combined with the best scientific
knowledge about human behavior, cultural evolution, and the dynamic
Earth; a path can be made by walking it throughout the rest of this
century and beyond.


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