Refrigerants are gases we use to keep things cool. They are inside fridges, freezers and A/C units, and most are incredibly harmful global warming gases if released into the atmosphere ; thousands of times more potent than CO2 . The main type of refrigerant today,  hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), is the fastest growing source of   greenhouse gases. Preventing refrigerant pollution by controlling leaks and switching to more climate friendly alternatives is one of the top solutions to global warming!

Current Events

Making Climate-Friendly Supermarkets 

Mapping Climate-friendly Supermarkets

CBC reporter Emily Chung from the “What On Earth?” podcast met us at the Toronto Eco-Fair, volunteered to add her local supermarket to our map, and then shared her findings.

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Mapping Supermarket Greenhouse Gases

Mapping Supermarket Greenhouse Gases Supermarkets are major contributors to global warming through emissions of refrigerants, which are super potent greenhouse gases, some 1,000 times more…

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