Why Regeneration?

Regeneration is nature’s default condition. When you injure yourself, you heal  – you regenerate – unless you continue to rub dirt into the wound, or the trauma is greater than your body’s capacity to heal. Sometimes healing requires medicine or other help besides keeping the wound clean. 

The Earth has been severely injured. We all know that. We also know that if we stop re-injuring she will heal – draw down carbon emissions, stop filling her waterways with agricultural chemicals, plastic or oil spills; stop filling her air with carbon, nitrogen and methane; stop the extraction that strips her forests of biodiversity.

And we have good medicine too – growing and consuming food locally, regeneratively, and distributing it fairly; education, especially of girls in the developing world; changing consciousness about the living Earth and all our relatives; learning to love our watersheds; leaning to live with less, produce less, waste less, retore watersheds; connect communities more; dream big dreams of Earth healing, of community healing, of personal healing—and act on those dreams.

All our Solutions stories described in this website are ways to enter into the healing enterprise – the greatest challenge that human beings have ever experienced. They are stories of how you can become part of this global project, in your own place, in your own way, in collaboration with those around you, human and beyond….

Welcome to the vision of Regeneration! 

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