"We envision a flourishing, regenerative world, with a climate that is healthy for the children of all species for generations to come. "

Regenerating Toronto is a fully independent non-profit organization, registered as Drawdown Toronto. Our goal is to demystify climate action and accelerate local implementation of climate solutions in the GTA. Since 2018 we have supported local advocacy and conducted educational and civic action programming.  We remain close to our roots as a local community-based group driven by passionate volunteers collaborating with people and groups across many networks. 

We are informed by author and environmentalist Paul Hawken, the founder of both Project Drawdown and Project Regeneration. His most recent books are Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (2017) and Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation (2021) are key resources. Drawdown is the WHAT IF and Regeneration is the HOW TO that together bridge the scientific research on climate solutions and the global engagement necessary to implement them. 

Our work builds on well researched and actionable solutions. Some of what’s needed is already happening in the GTA. More is needed. More is possible. We are grateful to be part of a network with the other Drawdown/Regeneration groups in Canada: RegenerateBC, RegenerateAlberta, Climate Action Newmarket-Aurora, EcoCaledon, and others. 

Our History

Drawdown Toronto was started in 2018 as a social action project of Unify Toronto and grew into an independent initiative.  Before that, several founding members, including Jon Love and Satya Robinson, were active in the work of the Pachamama Alliance and the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium. Many other people were involved, and we would not be who we are without all their efforts.

In Drawdown’s first years, we organized a series of seven introductory sector summits focusing on the most impactful climate solutions. We also offered a course that provided vital information about getting into action on reversing global warming. We initiated a number of practical projects, including a food waste challenge called Just Eat It Toronto! and a climate-friendly supermarket refrigerant mapping project. 

Regeneration has always been a core value for us. Now our name echoes that value.

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